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Translated by Gilles Lauwers

Solution Install

In order to install SPPivotViewer,

  1. Open the Command Prompt of Windows – Start > Run > cmd Or Windows key +R cmd
  2. Execute the following commands
    1. Stsadm –o addsolution –filename SPPivotViewer.wsp
    2. Stsadm –o deploysolution –name SPPivotViewer.wsp –immediate –allowGacDeployment –allcontenturls

Once the WSP deployed, verify that the feature "Pivot Viewer for SharePoint Infrastructure" is activated on your Web Application:

Central Administration > Manage Web Applications > Select your web application > Manage Features

The feature "Pivot Viewer for SharePoint WebPart" must be then activated.

Go under Site Action> Site Settings > Site Collection Features
Locate the Pivot WebPart and hit the activate button to do so.

The feature should be now set as "Active"

Use the Web Part

If the installation procedure has been followed correctly, the Pivot Viewer for SharePoint Web Part will appear in the Web Part Catalog under the category xvanneste.

Web Part Settings

The next step is to select the list which will be bind to the Pivot Viewer.

Click the web part's drop-down menu and select 'Modify Shared Web Part' or 'Edit Web Part'.
Use the dropdown menu of "Choice List" to select the appropriate List.
Once a list selected, the other fields will be automatically populated






Default view:

View when « auto generate thumbnail » is checked:

View sorted by File Type:


View sorted by File Type, only the docx type is selected:

Zoom on one document

If you go back in the properties of the Web Part, you can choose the fields that you would like to display. This will allow the user to specifically filter on one of these fields.

The result


The property Field Image must be set with a property containing an URL of a picture. Some formats are currently not supported (e.g. BMP), those will appear in green in the Pivot Viewer.

Using the Substitue Image property, you can set a default image which will be displayed for every image having an unsupported format.

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Bharatpatel Apr 20, 2015 at 9:59 PM 
Does this work with sharepoint 2013 because I'm unable to load it. Please help